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Mills used to be very important to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, many have been torn down. The Dutch Mill devotes itself, as the mill society of the Netherlands since 1923, to preserve as many mills in the Netherlands as possible.

The Dutch Mill protects the mills by advising about restoration, maintenance, and preservation and stands up for the wellbeing of all wind- and watermills in our country. Also, the society wants to let as many people as possible enjoy the mills. For example, we organize the annual National Mill Day and the Mill Prize.


1.200 mills

There are about 1.050 wind- and 150 watermills in the Netherlands. Most of these are operated by volunteer millers. Many mills can be viewed on Saturdays. Look for the blue pennant! If this is out by the mill, everyone is welcome. Visiting a mill is always fun and educational. Visiting hours and the details of all Dutch mills can be found on <link naar het molenbestand>.

National Mill Day

Every year, during the second weekend of May, it is National Mill Day. Many mills are open to the public. The millers operate the mills and speak about the technique, the history, and the miller’s trade. Often, extra activities such as fairs, mill markets, demonstrations in bread baking, and exhibitions are organized.

Provincial and regional mill days

From April until October, you can also visit many provincial, regional, and local mill days. All of this information can also be found on this website.

Support The Dutch Mill!

If you really care about mills, then support The Dutch Mill! You can do so with a donation, a membership, or a periodical gift. You can read more about this on www.molens.nl.

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